North Beach IPA

North Beach is a famous Durban shore on the East Coast of South Africa. It boasts tropical weather with sunshine, sea, fruit and beer!

The Cleaver family grew up on this beach and have now brought the flavours and brewing tradition to the best craft bars in Britain.

An easy drinking, well balanced and refreshing India Pale Ale with Mango notes and added Granadilla (Passion Fruit)

Available is 30L kegs (4.7% ABV) & 330ml bottles (4.5% ABV)

Pink Guava Sour Beer with Baobab Fruit


The first of our sour beers is now available!

The baobab is a protected tree in South Africa and is native to the African Continent. They have traditionally been valued as sources of food, water, health remedies or places of shelter and are steeped in legend and superstition. 

The African baobab's fruit is 15–20 cm (6–8 in) long. It contains 50% more calcium than spinach, is high in antioxidants, and has three times the vitamin C of an orange when consumed in it’s original fruit form. 

Available in 330ml cans (4.5% ABV)

34 ͦ s (Pale Ale Cask Beer with African Queen Hops)

In 1652 Dutch Settlers planted the first hop garden in the Cape, South Africa. However the environment is well below the latitude parallels for best conditions due to limited sunlight. But through many generations of innovation, breeding and engineering, the region now has some of the best and highly sought after hops in the world.

Only one problem...these hops are very rare and difficult to get hold of outside of South Africa...but we got our hands on some (legally) and have now brewed a 'Double Hopped Pale Ale in Cask' using the African Queen single variety hop which is under National Protection! The name 34  ͦ S comes from the southern latitude where the hops grow.

Available in 9 gallon Cask only.